Whacked out links across the web!
Fan Fiction Sites

Anime vs Acme
Another Anime Deathmatch type site this one is unique beacuse, you decide who will win. Between this site, Anime Deathmatch, and the Arena we've got Anime related brutality sports covered.

Anime Deathmatch
This is the site that inspired myself to create J Project!
This site is still undergoing renovation so pardon the dust.
Laugh your ass off as your favorite Anime stars fight to the death.

Ultimate Crossover Tournament Fighting

Business Interests

Joy's Japanimation
The site of my local Anime store, if you're buying buy here.
They have a great selection, they deliver almost any where in the US,
plus you'll be supporting a small business instead of a big chain.

Games Workshop
Home of Warhammer! Go here to buy every thing needed to start the hobby, or if your all ready a vetren player try the build a model sevice.

Fan Sites
Barry's Temple of Godzilla
Great Godzilla site with sound and video clips. This place aloso has reviews of Godzilla movies, great place to get a second opinion.

The Alternate Godzilla forum, it's most interesting feature is it's message boards and chat room. Great place for the avid G Fan.

Ranma 1/2 Information Library
The most comprehensive information site for Ranma 1/2 i've ever seen. Also has a huge library of Ranma 1/2 fan-fiction.

Dr. Gero's Lab
A great DBZ site, rather interesting that it has no information on DBZ just great pictures and it's own Arena. And a good sized fan-fiction archive.

The most comprehensive guide to Anime web sites out there. It has thousands of links to sites all over the web. It covers everything, from picture gallaries to pervert sites. Great index a must go for any Anime fan.