Godzilla 1985

       Another classic Godzilla film this is the movie that starts the second Godzilla series. Designed to be a direct sequel to the original GKOTM, we have a 30 year gap in between the first movie and this one. All of the other movies made up to this point are ignored with the exception of the first one. A larger heaver Godzilla emerges from Tokyo Bay to crush the city once again, he fights no monstrous opponents, but does fight a flying mecha known as Super X.
    Godzilla 1985 came to the US in theaters, but was a commercial failure do to America's high standards of special effects. The American version does have extra scenes added, and Raymond Burr once again plays Steve Martin.
Mr. Burr's performance once again gives this movie a gritty realism, but their are scenes that we could have done with out. Mainly the Dr. Pepper Chugging Army Men. The DPCAM are nothing, but  redneck army corneal who's actions cover some great original scenes. In one scene Godzilla picks up a train, looks in and throws it down. The original scene had Godzilla pick up the train, look in and then walks down a street carrying the train and then throws it down. It was edited so that we could see those red neck corneals chug Dr. Pepper. Oh well that's the way it goes I guess. One change that was made for the better was the ending. The original ending featured Godzilla being dumped into Mt. Mihara while a strange song was played over frantic roars. The American version had Godzilla thrown in and then as he falls in he lets out a high pitched mournful roar followed by Raymond Burr delivering a poignant speech. All in all this movie was the perfect way to start the second era of Godzilla films.
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