Everybody knows it, almost everybody's seen it. The movie that launched the Anime revolution in America.
    The movie it's self lasts about two hours. Being filled with dozens of subtle subplots be prepared to view it more than once. If you're looking for something like Dragon Ball Z or Sailor Moon then I don't recommend this movie for you. But if you're looking for an end to the endless stream of kiddy shows and are willing to sit down and watch a real movie with an intricate yet harsh and almost volatile plot, then this is a perfect place to start.
    You have to look closely for links between the police brutality, the corrupt gov. the military pawns, and the people trapped in the middle. Political and social unrest combined with an immense population have created a swirl of treachery and violence hidden behind the gov. web of lies to create a mask that everything is ok. The people are looking for a voice to stand up to the government and receive the help they so desperately need. But they still only can hit deaf ears, so in desperation they break out in riots, sometimes random, other times led by anarchic organizations determined to get help no matter what it takes. Drugs and violence are everyday occurrences and motorcycle gangs rule the night, it's constant war.
    All that seems to be left is to believe in the promised return of a being known only as Akira. Caught in-between all of this Tetsouo, a young biker inflicted with the uncontrollable powers of Akira, and his best friend Cenada stuck between his desperately hurt friend and the unknown wills of a prominent anti-governtment group. And what of Akira's return?, what of his past.
    Oddly enough this, the pinnacle of animation marks a decline period, represented now by various series known only by hard core fans. Now, American pop culture has worked it's putrid magic and embraced the kiddy crazies of Pokemon and Digimon. Even one time jewels of Anime such as Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon have been edited. They have become perverse parodies of what they once were. The only thing left pure are 70's and 80's shows such as Speed Racer, Ronin Warriors, and Robotech. All of which are lacking the artistic quality and intellectual satisfaction that this masterpiece portrays to the end. So, don't let greatness die yet, just buy the damn movie. You'll see a lot more into the world of animation and it's potential if you do.
5 of 5
-John Dawson

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