Lina leads the charge!

    Yes, swords and sorcery at it's best! Or at least that's what you'd think. One thing Slayers isn't is your usually swords and sorcery Anime show. Before Slayers came along S&S Anime shows were serious affairs, usually defending the world was the goal. Then came Slayers, with the super cute main character Lina Inverse. A complete 180 was made as far as plot,  and character motivation. First let's take a look at our protagonist. A 16 year old soceress who's main goal is to aquire as much money, power, and fame as humanly possible. Throw in a bodyguard that has the brains of an average jelly fish, a somber sowrds man, a girl that spends more time makeing speechs than fighting, and a timid cleric you have something far from the usual bunch of heros.
And when this rag tag mob is called upon to save the world, it is mostly by freak chance.
    The biggest selling item of this series, however, is humor. Slayers is packed, from beginig to end, of humor. Every last chilche and steryotype of high fantasy is ridicled by our main characters. This is superbly demonstated in the last tape. With Lina down and supposedly dead the mood is totally serious, that is until a wakco king charges into battle, and makes a complete ass of himself. Low and behold one of our main characters says "I guess they won't let us turn this series serious without a fight." That pretty much sums up the whole attitude of the series. All in all if your looking for a good laugh grab these tapes. You'll regret it if you don't!
5 of 5