What is Anime?
Anime- Japanese animation.  See also Japanimation

That's the definition of Anime if it was shown in Websters. But Anime is more than that, it is art. But as much as it is like by the subculture of Okatu Anime still takes allot of heat. When you say Anime to your average citizen they picture really busty girls being drooled over by daemons, or little yellow mice that go "pika-pika".
Sad, but true... most people fail to realized that while Anime does include those things there is so much more. Anime ranges form kids shows like Pokemon to the porn videos (also known as pervert videos). Though Anime does include nudity, swearing, and blood it is still great stuff. One problem is that in America people think all animation MUST be for kids. Wrong, take a look at the Simpsons or South Park. Both are defiantly not for kids under the age of 10 (South Park I think should be 14). Anime is they same way the majority of it should only be watched by kids 10 and up. Another problem is that most people don't like the "foreign influences", I say to them BULL CRAP! America is the great melting pot we have more foreign influences than any other country in the world.  Anime can be watched and loved if you give it a chance (this is to all you people who aren't Anime fans). One last thing all Anime is not created equal.
In the world of Anime there are many different types, the romantic comedy, action, sci-fi, etc. If you like American Sci-fi watch Anime sci-fi and watch some Godzilla while your at it.

Anime Sight Gags
Anime is well known for it's rather unique appearance. This certain "look" springs mainly from the unique sight gags used by the artists. Here are the most common gags that I have seen in my years of Anime veiwing.

The Daemon Head (aka Big Head) - This is a classic. It starts when one character gets VERY angry. The head of that character gets really big and some willo wisps or fire will surrond them. Any characters that they are yelling at will become super deformed and run around the bottem of the screen.

Super Deformed - This is used sparingly. I have only seen it used in conjuction with the Daemon head gag.

Sweat Drop - This is used alot. Any time a strange situation appears or someone is embarresed, a sweat drop.

The Face Fall - This one is used when one character says or does something really stupid. Every other character on the screen falls, usually only theri feet can still be seen.