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J Project prides It's self in being a fan oriented site and we are always looking for fresh blood. J Project members are allowed to take a more direct hand in the running of this site. If you become a J Project member you MUST contribute at least one well thought out article or movie review, you can then contribute as many other articles/reviews as you want. And they WILL be accepted! To become a member simply E-mail me your Name or Web Nickname, any web sites you have and a quote. Then I will give you membership and a rank among us. Come on try it you big wimp.

Name: Ethan AKA Gogetza
E-mail: gogetza@dbzmail.com
Rank: Dictator for life, the last Anime Don
Home page: J Project
Quote: "Insanity is 20% what is there and 80% what you make it."
     "The game must go on!"
Bio: Ethan is one of the worlds last true fans, his devotion to the worlds of Anime, Role Playing, and kaiju films are unflaging, and unquestionable, the living embodiment of the fan spirit. Regardless of social, peer, or parental pressure, no sacrfice or hardship is too great.
        In the world of role playing games Ethan is a deveoted Game Master, a title wich he carries proudly. He is always pushing the envelope in creative design, taking elements from his favorite anime shows and adding them to his campaign world. His innoventions haven't always been appreciated, and things have not always gone right. But he sticks to his screen and GM's with total devotion. His record on various on line RPG's is somewhat questionable but he doesn't quit.
    For Ethan Anime is more than an animation stlye, it is a way of life. He watches almost every Anime show he can get his hands on. His reviews and takes on the various series are brutal and to the point. However if someone mocks or defaces Anime in anyway  he'll usually be on the phone giving the poor man hell.

Name: Chris N.
E-mail: Not known
Rank: Anime Missionary, J Project Board Member
Homepage: None known
Quote: "Life's a bitch... then you marry one."

Name: John D.
E-mail: Not known
Rank: J Project Board Member
Homepage: None known
Quote: None yet