The Arena:
The Official Disclaimer

The following stories are works of total fiction, no people, places, orks, or rat men were harmed during the creation of these stories.

These are violent stories. If you don't like  violence, vulgarity, and bad humor then click on another section of this page, or leave completely.

These are works of fiction they in no way promote violence! If you feel the urge to go out and kill someone after reading these stories, I suggest you seek out some professional help. If you do attempt any of the violent acts depicted in these stories they will result in criminal prosecution, serious injury, and other things which I will not mention here. Also If you do get in any trouble J-Project and the Arena will disavow any knowledge that you exist.

And please remember that real violence is not FUN. There are only victims.

The Arena is written, edited and created by Ethan Rice. If you have the balls to steal my work, you will be punished! Let's see how far you get when Chang is on your tail....

The characters of Gogetza, Grand Warlord Garshrink Grimjaw, Krisi, Ghul Dhan the Black, Chang Squeek, Urbag Rotgut, Ripper Blagrot, Athsgood Bloodfist, and Skargob Zagbad are the express property of Ethan Rice.

The Arena is inspired by Celebrity Deathmatch copyright 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 M-TV Animation studios and Anime Deathmatch copyright 1998, 1999, 2000 Jason Bertovich and BoneparteOzaki Productions.

The character of Mills Lane is a caricature of a real-life person used with out permission. No harm or offense was intended.

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