Mob Rule
Name: Mob Rule
Platform: PC
Made By: Studio 3
Type: Simulation/ RPG

Hey Muke! Mob Rule isn't your fathers Monopoly game. This is crime with class.
It's the 1920's and with prohibition the Mafia is taking over. You start out with a small plot of land, some cash, and cement. Build a soup kitchen put a tenant in it and watch the green backs roll in. That's how it starts, but as you complete missions given to you by the Don you get more businesses, troops, and gadgets.
This game is one of the most innovative computer games of the year. It takes a classic theme like fighting the Mafia and turns it completely on end. Instead of fighting the mob, you are the mob. Build your empire brick by brick, body by body but if you grease the right palms, and kill the right people you'll walk away holding the leash of the North American Costa Nostra.

A brand new cement works is ready to produce some more concrete.

Graphics: 4 of 5
Despite taking advantage of the incredible advantages of the Pentium 2 chip the graphics still have a cartoony look to them. The game has a 3/4 overhead view to it, but that isn't too bad. There are no 2D characters or pixel plagued back ground.

Sound: 5 of 5
Each troop identifies It's self with a catch phrase like "Respects Godfather." or "Hey Mook!". The music is defiantly gangster style, a deep moody theme that keeps you interested.

Fun Factor: 5 of 5
From soup kitchens to gambling dens this games got it all. A humor style not seen in a while. Unique troops are are your disposal, thugs, saboteurs, hookers,
priests, ghosts, lunatics, gangsters, workers, and fixers. It doesn't get any better than this.

Challenge: 5 of 5
You must do exactly what the Don tells you, if you kill a guy before your supposed to or destroy a building before the Don says, It's curtains.

Over all: 5 of 5
Must buy!