Final Fantasy Anthology
Name: Final Fantasy Anthology
Platform: Playstation
Made By: Squaresoft
Type: RPG

    I am some what disappointed with this game collection, though the games them selves are great Square did a rather shabby job bringing them to the US. First lets take a look at what you get, FF6(aka FF3 for SNES), FF5(never before seen in US), and a music CD. Ok fine it lacks the Making of CD that Lunar had, but we can over look this. Now let's turn to the Music CD, Square posted a poll on their web site to ask which tracks of music would make it on the CD. After all the votes were tallied Square slapped all the tracks that NO ONE had voted for on the disc. The result made me want to throw up, I mean we voted for what we wanted and didn't get it!! All in all the music CD is only good for playing Frisbee with your dog. Now the games them self's, both come with CG openings and endings, but FF6 seemed to get all the attention.
It even got an extra section where you can see extra movies, and a monster bestiary. FF5 in contrast got nothing like that and on top of that a crappy translation job compared to FF6. It's boring un imaginative, and plagued with bad grammar and spelling. But to top it off America's FFAnthology is missing a game! The Japanese version, called Final Fantasy Collection also included FF4 a masterpiece in it's own right. To make up for the lack of FF4 Square included the affore mentioned piece o crap Music CD. But if you look past all that this is a must buy, for the games them self's will always be treasures.

Here's a scence from FF4 on the Japanese collection. Lost but not forgotten.

Graphics: 4 of 5
Square did absolutely nothing with the graphics and they still look like they came straight from the SNES. On the plus side the movies were rendered in that beautiful GC mastery that Square is famous for.

Sound: 5 of 5
The music is a piece of art, like a symphony. But to bad it's only in the games you'll be able to hear it because of Squares man handling of the music CD.

Fun Factor: 4 of 5
The games are fun, but the poor translation quality of FF5 really spoils the experience.

Challenge: 5 of 5
The challenge hasn't changed at all so your still in for  tough games to beat.
So roll up your sleeves, get some snacks and get to work!

Over all: 4 of 5 Good buy