Monster Rancher 2
Name: Monster Rancher 2
Platform: Playstation
Type: RPG/Simulation
Made By: TECMO

    Monster Rancher 2 is a Pokemon type game for the Playstation. But it has many differences that put it above Pikachu and the rest. First, since it is on the Playstation it's graphics are a shot above anything that Pokemon can dish out.
Another thing is the monsters have personalities. As strange as it might seem it's true. In Pokemon the monsters you catch are rather bland. They obey you if your bage level is high enough. In Monster Rancher 2 however you my get to monsters of the exact same species, but they will behave in differnt ways. A really innovative feature is that their is much more interaction with your monsters. You can choose wether to spoil them or be really strict. And on occasion they will ask to play with you. That's something that Pokemon never gave us. As for the monsters them selves? There are over 350 different monsters to unlock. And I do mean un lock. The key in this game is haveing a lot of CD's. Every CD that you own will un lock a monster, but it will still take some work to get em all. As for the raising of the creatures, Monster Rancher 2 let's you choose what stats you want to raise. You can concentrate on speed, or intelligence, or defence, or you can make them well rounded. In every respect this game put's Pokemon to shame, and the best part? NO FREAKEN ASH!

Graphics: 5 of 5
This games graphics are great. The not only provide increadibly detailed back rounds, it makes the monsters come alive. The monsters are also desinged well, they aren't annoyingly cute like in Pokemon.

Music: 1 of 5
They didn't give this area much attention at all. The music sounds terrible. Play this one with the TV muted.

Fun Factor: 4 of 5
A very fun game, but one thing tends to spoil it. In this game your monsters can die. This is really annoying if you've trained up a kick ass beast only to have him die of old age.

Challenge: 3 of 5
This game can be challengeing if you take a half ass attitude towards raising your monsters. But if you work at it, they tournaments will be easy.

Over all: 4 of 5
Good Buy