Battle Athletes
    Now I pride myself in being a very cultured fellow, but no amount of cultural understanding can make this series look good. The basic premiss behind the original Battle Athletes, is such. Some time in the far distant future the Earth got thrown of balance. The end result was Cuba is now a ski resort, and Antarctica is now a tropical getaway. Out of this chaos man kind unites for the first time ever. Now we jump a head about 100 yrs., once again man is at war but this time with yet another race from outer space.(We get allot of them don't we?) After a fruitless war the two sides decide to settle it with an athletic competition, the umies win and the earth is spared. Now every year after that the two races meet again and have their best female athletes compete for the title of "Cosmic Beauty". In to this, the main character Akari Kanzaki daughter of a famous Cosmo Beauty, enters. The whole series revolves around her attempts to become the next Cosmo Beauty. This series is pathetic. Straight out idiotic.
    It's main problem springs from the lack of character development. The series is only 3 tapes long so they don't have room for much. A few crude jokes are inserted to try and keep things lively, but they just can't make up for that lack of character development. Some nudity is part of this package but it still can't cover the shallow personalities. The most ridiculous incident in this whole wonderful world off crud, is that one of the female characters turns out to be a male in the 2nd tape. In the end this series was a waste of my money and time, but it's sequal Battle Athletes Victory was much, much better.

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