Battle Athletes Victory
    This series is a very refreshing change from it's predacessor Battle Athletes. Since it's an 8 tape TV series their is room for so much more. The main difference from Battle Athletes is the time frame. Battle Athletes starts with Akari heading for the famous University Satellite, Battle Athletes Victory starts it back in the Antartica pre-training ground. As far as character development is concerned, this series is great. One rule you must remember, what ever a character is mentally in a OAV series he/she is twice that in a TV series. So, in Battle Athletes Akari is a bit ditzy, but in Victory she's a complete basket case! She just barely manages to hang on. But as the series progresses, so does she. And by the end she's become a Cosmo Beauty. One thing that I found rather interesting about this series is the amount of nervous break downs the characters experiance. By the second tape Akari has one, and then her best friend also experiances one. Only Neon Genisis Evangelion destroys peoples minds more efficently. This series is one of the greats of the modren Anime era, and I highly recommend  seeing it ASAP.

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