The Arena: 1st PPV! Anime Vs Dia Kaiju Spectacular
Gogetza sat in his seat in the main office, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei where standing in front of him all very angry.

Asuka: You said we would be on the next episode of the Arena! And then you go and change it to this stupid PPV event! We had a deal!

Gogetza: Hold on there! I said you'd be on the next episode, I never said you'd be fighting each other!

Shinji: Then who are we going to fight then?

Gogetza slid a file over to the Eva pilots. Asuka picked it up and took a look. A smile spread over her face.

Asuka: All right you got a deal!

Ladies and gentlemen... broadcasting around the universe and to all most every parallel dimension..... this is....

The leader in violence this side of the Maelstrom....

+Pyrotechniges light up the hulk. Nick, Johnny and Austin are looking very excited today.+

Nick: Welcome to the Arena! We've got a special treat for you fans today..... our very first Pay Per View!

Johnny: That's right! Tonight it's our very first PPV! Tonight we've got some of the largest fights in the history of PPV's! Gogetza will explain.

+Camera flashes to Gogetza who is standing in front of the ring.+

Gogetza: It is with great pleasure that we host our first ever PPV!  As you probably remember in our first episode of The Arena we promised you that giant monsters would be part of the Arena. Well tonight we're going to deliver! Our PPV is..... Anime Vs Dia Kaiju Spectacular! Tonight's line up will be as follows...

Match 1: Battles of the Giant Space Villains
3rd, 4th, 5th Angels
King Ghidorah, Space Godzilla, and Gigan

Match 2: Battle of the Mechs
Original Mecha Godzilla

Match 3: The Main Event!
Eva units 0, 01, and 02
Godzilla, Rodan, and Anguris

There are going to be some other differences as well. None of tonight's fights will actually take place in the hulk. We just weren't equipped to handle tonight's combatants. Skar Gob tried to build an area designed for taking the punishment that kaiju can dish out, but he was so obsessed with fixing his tank he couldn't finish things in time. So each of tonight's matches will take place in a different city on earth! To avoid any law suits I ask that you please stay seated during interdimentional transport. We should be leaving soon.

In the hulks command room......

+Skar Gob Zagbad, and Athsgood Bloodfist are sitting in the front, hands on the steering wheels.+

Skar Gob: Oi! Bloodfist let's get this hunka junk movin!!

Bloodfist: Yeah I know!!!

+Bloodfist starts typing on the control panel, but nothing happens.+

Skar Gob: Ahhhh ya stinking stuntie!!! Let me do it!!!

+Skar Gob punches the panel and it lights up.+

Skar Gob: Prepare for interdimentional transport! All crew members to your positions!

+Flash to out side of hulk. An arc of lightning streaks out from the front of the ship and opens up a bright blue tunnel. The hulk moves into the tunnel and disappears. In the warp tunnel the hulk shudders violently as it speeds along, Athsgood and Skat Gob are watching all the sensors and such. Skar Gob stares at the radar.+

Skar Gob: What's dis?

Athsgood: What's what?

Skar Gob: +points to the radar+ Dere's a red fing heading towards us.

+Athsgood and Skar Gob look out the window. Speeding right towards them is another hulk. They leap for the steering wheels and turn them sharply. The hulk flips upside down and streaks by the other hulk just barely missing a colision.+

Skar Gob: Pre pare for dimensional re entry!


+Goku is flying through the sky towards a large stadium.+

Goku: All right! It's time for the Budoukai again! I hope Vegeta's trained for this!

+Suddenly a large blue portal appears above Goku, and the hulk flies over to the stadium where it stops and floats quietly.+

Goku: Ahhhh Gogetza's shown up, must be that PPV thing he was talking about.

Back in the hulk.....

+Gogetza groans as he picks him self off the floor, apparently he didn't like the 360 flip during transit.+

Gogetza: Damn it! Now I remember why I hate interdimentional travel. Nick, Johnny and Austin, I'm going to leave you guys in charge. It's the World Martial Arts Tourney and I don't want to miss it.

Nick: You wouldn't be trying to get revenge on Vegeta for that whole DBZ incident (see The Arena Prologue) would you?

Gogetza: Eeerrrrr...... no of course not.


Nick: I fell sorry for earth, the place is probably going to get totally trashed by those two.

Garshrink: I doubt it. Da boss will finish Vegeta off before he can get a hit in!

Johnny: To bad we can't broadcast it. It would be a hell of a match up!

+Garshrink nods and wanders off.+

Johnny: Then lets get to our first fight! Battle of the giant space villains. This is the battle to see exactly who is a greater threat to earth!
Stone Cold would you line up the vitals.

Austin: All right....

Team Angel
3rd Angel

4th Angel

5th Angel

Team's Greatest Strength: Ability to launch devastating attacks with out intelligence reports and the like
Team's Greatest Weakness: No ability to coordinate attacks
Planets Destroyed: None

Team Kaiju
King Ghidorah

Space Godzilla


Team's Greatest Strength: Ability to change a given attack plan at will, incredible flexibility
Team's Greatest Weakness: Each one thinks they are the leader so coming up with unified goals is nearly impossible
Planets Destroyed: 1, Mars

And those are the fighter facts because Stone Cold said so!

Johnny: And this fight will take place in New York. After that whole bisness with Tri Star the city is trying to make amends with the kaiju community. Hopeful it will pay off. Now lets get things under way!

+Camera flashes to Ghul Dhan+

Ghul Dhan: Ladies and gentlemen our first PPV is officially under way! If you would direct your attention to the BloodScreenTM in the ring. In the blue corner on the left side of Central Park Team Angel! (wild cheers) And in the red corner on the right side of Central Park team kaiju!(wild cheers) And our first special guest ref hailing from the K Battles On Line RPG...... Manticron!

Manticron: Ok you guys I want a good clean fight, no causing the 3rd impact, no nuclear weapons, and NO RUNNING Gigan I'm looking at you! Now.... LET'S GET IT ON!!!(bell rings)

+The kaiju waste no time advancing on the Angels. Space Godzilla takes the front while Ghidorah and Gigan act as back up. Space Godzilla fires his corona ray at the angels scoring a direct hit on the 4th. The 3rd Angel's eyes light up and a cross shaped blast explodes at the kaiju. Space Godzilla deflects the blast with his crystal energy shield.+

Nick: The Angels had better try a different attack plan, they don't stand much of a chance penetrating that shield.

+Suddenly the 4th Angel leaps forward swinging it's energy whips around. One of them cuts one of Space Godzilla's energy crystals off.+


+Space Godzilla points his tail at the 4th Angel and green whips of energy float over to the 4th Angel and wrap around it. It lifts up into the air and begins to spin around, slowly at first then faster and faster and faster. Then Space G throws the Angel good and far. Space G snickers, but then 4th Angel charges Space G and cuts through the other energy crystal.+


+Space G explodes taking out the 4th Angel in the blast. Ghidorah and Gigan take to the sky.+

Johnny: And Space Godzilla goes down taking the 4th Angel with him! With out the crystals to regulate his power Space G went super nova!

Austin: Well both sides still have two fighters left, this match could still go either way!

+King Ghidorah fires his gravity beams at the 3rd Angel while Gigan tries desperately to dodge the beams that the 5th Angel is throwing at him. The 3rd Angel fires his cross beams at Ghidorah but the golden dragon skillfully dodges between them and fires a return volley. The 3rd Angel pulls out a rolled up scroll of paper form behind its back, Ghidorah lands and peers at the paper.+

Ghidorah: What the hell is that?

+The 3rd Angel lets the scroll un roll revealing a picture of Lina Inverse.....totally naked!+


Johnny: My best guess.... a hentai web site.


+Lina goes running for the interdimentional transporters, but Deathmaster Snitch grabs her by the collar.+


Snitch: No! I'm not allowed to let anyone interfere with the match!

+Meanwhile back in New York, King Ghidorah is not a happy kaiju. He tries to hold his composure, but when the 3rd Angel shoves the picture in his face he looses it.+


Nick: And Ghidorah snaps! They don't call Lina the "Dragon Spooker" for nothing!

+He runs away and cowers by a building while the 3rd Angel advances, its energy lance ready to spear him. Gigan looks down on what is transpiring.+

Gigan: Good God and people call me a coward....

+The 3rd Angel is about to spear Ghidorah when a beam of blue energy shoots right at the Angel. The 3rd Angel pulls to the side but the picture is disintagrated. The camera swings around revealing Godzilla. Godzilla points to the 3rd Angel.+

Godzilla: FINISH HIM!!!!!

+Ghidorah leaps up and rams the Angel sending it careening into a sky scraper. He then fires his gravity beams at the Angel and keeps up a steady stream power right on the core. The 3rd Angel leaps up suddenly and wraps its self around Ghidorah. Its core begins to glow brightly.+

Nick: Look out its gonna blow!

+The Angel expoldes with a ear shattering kaboom. As the smoke clears we see that most of New York has been destroyed by the blast. King Ghidorah is standing at ground zero.+

Ghidorah: I'm ok, i'm ok......

+He colapses to the ground.+

Johnny: I think the Angels have this one wrapped up.

Nick: Why do you say that Johnny?

Johnny: The only fighter the kaiju have left is Gigan he doesn't stand a chance against the 5th Angel!

+The 5th Angel advances on Gigan and fires its energy cannon, the blast blows off one of Gigan's arms. Gigan looks around frantically for something to hide behind, but then the Angel blows of Gigan's other arm. Gigan glares at the Angel.+

Gigan: That's it.....

+His sigle eye glows a bright flaming red, then a lazer shoots out and cuts  the 5th Angel in to salami slices. Manticron walks over to Gigan.+

Manticron: And the winners are THE KAIJU!!!(wild cheers)

Nick: So the Angels had that one all wrapped up did they Johnny.

Johnny: Rot in hell Diamond....

Nick: Now it's time for our battle of the Mechs! Austin line up the vitals!

Austin: Right....

Name: Voltron
Job: Defending the Universe

Name: Mecha Godzilla
Job: Destroying cites for it's ape masters

And that's the bottem line beacuse Stone Cold said so!!

Johnny: This battle will be taking place in Chicago. So if you'd direct your attention to the BloodScreenTM  we'll take you to brutality in the windy city!

+Camera flashes to the screen.+

Ghul Dhan: Ladies and gentlemen this is the Arena the leader in violence this side of the Malestrom! In the blue corner Voltron Defender of the Universe!(wild cheers) And it's opponent in the red corner the city destroyer form space Mecha Godzilla!!!(wild cheers) And the second special guest ref....... Zigra!

+The shark kaiju walks inbetween the two bots.+

Zigra: All right you two I want a good clean fight. Obey my commands at all times. NOW LET'S GET IT ON!!!(bell rings)

+Voltron and Mecha Godzilla begin to circle each other looking for weaknesses. Suddenly Voltron devilvers a punch to Mecha Godzilla's jaw.+

Johnny: And Voltron starts things off.

+Mecha Godzilla gives a screech and its hands spin around, then a volly of missles shoot from the hands. They shoot at Voltron and slam into the bots chest. It stagers back and Mecha Godzilla screeches in delight.+

Nick: And Voltron get's a taste of Mecha G's missle armament!

+Mecha G fires another volly, but Voltorn rollsout of the way and lights up the Lion Torches bathing Mecha G in flames. Mecha G screeches and fires his eye lazers at Volton. It can't get out of the way this time and takes both blasts right inthe face. Voltron flies through the air and slams into some skyscrapers bringing them crashing to the ground.+

Austin: One question, will we be able to afford the cost of rebuilding the cities we've destroyed tonight?

Nick and Johnny: ............

+Voltron pulls its self out of the rubble and forms it's balzing sowrd. Mecha G screeches and openes up with his full arsenal. Lazer beas, missles, megabuster, and space cannon blasts tear across the city scape, they all crash into and all around Voltron. Mecha G keeps fireing soon Voltorn and most of the city around it are obscured by somke and dust. Mecha G stops the onslaught and peers into the smoke, suddenly Voltron leaps out from cloud and shoots right for Voltron. Mecha G looks around, grabs Zigra, and uses him for a shield.+


+Zigra flips Mecha G over and right where Voltron wants him. Voltons sowrd cuts Mecha G in half and both pieces explode. Zigra raises voltrons arm.+

Zigra: And the winner is Voltron Defender of the Universe!!!(wild cheers)

Nick: What a match! Looks like Mecha Godzilla learned the hard way not to try and use a kaiju as a shield. Now it's time for our main event!

Johnny: This is the match up people have been talking about, and wishing for ever scine Evangelion was released. Anime fans have been saying for years that the high tech EVA units could kick the ass of any kaiju.

Nick: But on the other hand kaiju fans have said that 3 fourteen year old kids would have a snowballs chance in hell of beating savage kaiju. Well tonight we will see wich side is right when Godzilla and his cronies colide with the EVA units.

Johnny: Austin line up the vitals!

Team Kaiju




Job: Destroying Cities
Years in the Show Bis: 55yrs 1945-2000

Team Evangelion

Shinji, Asuka, and Rei
Job: Protecting Tokyo 3
Years in Show Bis: 5yrs 1995-2000

And thats the bottem line cause Stone Cold said so!

Ghul Dhan: Ladies and gentelmen this is the Arena. If you would direct your attention to the BloodScreenTM. Coming to you live from Mt. Mihara our main event! In the blue corner Team Evangelion, and their opponents in the red corner Team Kaiju. And our final guest refs also hailing from the K Battles On Line RPG the KAIJU FORCE!!!

+The Kaiju Force walks in between the two sides.+

Gengor: Kaiju Force sound off!!

Kaiju Force: VOLCANA! BYRID! VORONIS! ALBOR! RACKON! GENGOR!+Does a bunch of really silly poses.+ TOGETHER WE ARE THE KAIJU FORCE!!

+Both Team Kaiju and Team Evangelion have huge sweat drops. Godzilla then regains his composure.+

Godzilla: Hey! Kaiju Force are we going to watch you pose all day our are we going to fight!!

Gengor: All right! All right! Now I want a good clean fight and under no circumstances try to use us as shields! LET'S GET IT ON!!(bell rings)

+The Eva's move out, Shinji takes Godzilla, Auska goes after Anguris and Rei gets to fight Rodan. Shinji lets loose with a volley of gun fire, it crashes into Godzilla but does no visable damage. Auska draws her progressive knife as Anguris grabs her ankle in his mouth. Rei fires her own gun at Rodan the bullets miss as Rodan takes to the sky with an angry cackle.+

Nick: Not much happening so far. I wonder if the Eva's stand a chance.

Johnny: What do you mean! Those monsters couldn't beat the Eva's if their lives depended on it!

+Nick leaps at Johnny and the two roll around on the floor of the booth. Then the door to the booth opens up and a brown haired girl wakes in.+

Austin: Hey Nanami! What are you doing here?

Nanami: I was watching thease two idiots fight.+picks up the strugling announcers+ Now boys if you want to settle this how bout a bet. One months pay,  if the kaiju win so does Nick and if the Eva's win so does Johnny.

Johnny and Nick: DEAL!!

+Back at Mt. Mihara the struggle is heating up. Rodan swoops down on Rei and fires his heat beam. Godzilla swings his tail at Shinji's legs trying to knock him off his feet. Anguris has dragged Asuka to the ground while she tries desperately to get the progressive knife through his shell. Shinji jumps over Godzilla's blow and throws a flying kick right at the monsters face.+

Godzilla: Clumsy fool!

+Godzilla grabs the Eva's foot, and begins to swing it around. Faster and faster then with a grunt he throws Shinji right into Rei. Rodan begins to peck at the Eva's heads. Asuka plunges the progressive knife into Anguris's shoulder causing the monster to let go.+


Asuka: Like I care...

+Anguris leaps at Asuka and grabs the neck of the Eva. Rei gets back up and punches Rodan, who screeches in pain and takes off again. Shinji gets back up, charges at Godzilla and gets him in a head lock.+

Johnny: Good God.... this is nuts, no side is showing any sign of slowing down! We could be here all night!!

2 hrs later.....

Nick: Ladies and gentlemen for the past 2 hrs these two sides have torn into each other. And we are no closer to finishing this fight then when we started.

+Gengor who is looking very annoyed, walks forward.+

Gengor: Ok, this is taking to damn long!! Godzilla! Shinji! You two will continue to fight, you have 5 minutes. If one of you doesn't win within that time limit I'm calling this match a draw!!

Johnny: Gengor laying down the law!!

+Shinji charges at Godzilla and throws a punch. Godzilla grabs it and then punches the Eva in the face, but it barely slows the Eva down. Shinji grabs Godzilla's tail and flips him over. Godzilla picks him self back up.+

Godzilla: Damn you! I will not be beaten by a puny HUMAN!!

+Godzilla fires his atomic ray right into Shinji's face, then as the Eva stumbles backward, he charges. 66,000 metric tons of enraged, mutated saurian slams into the Eva, sending it flying into a nearby crag. As the Eva struggles to pick it's self up Godzilla walks over to it and picks it up.+

Godzilla: My, my what happened to all that energy?

+Sudenly the Eva leaps to life. It grabs Godzilla's hand and flips him over again, then it draws it's progressive knife and plunges it into Godzilla's eye. As Godzilla roars in pain Shinji unleashes a barrage of punches right into Godzilla's stomach. The king kaiju doubles over in pain.+

Godzilla: This isn't over yet!!

+Godzilla turns walks back over to his corner and grabs a nuclear reactor he saved for the fight. He pop's it into his mouth and swallows. Blue lightning dances up and down his dorsal plates as he removes the progressive knife from his eye. He charges at Shinji as Shinji charges him. They draw back their fists and swing them with all their might at each other. Their fists slam into each others faces and they both go down.+

Nick: Oh my God!! Their both down!! What will we do!

Austin: According to the rules of the Arena, Gengor must count to ten. The combatant that can stand during the count will be declared the winner.

Gengor: One....two.....three....

+Godzilla and Shinji both start to get to their feet.+

Gengor: four......five......six....

+They both stand up completely.+

Gengor: seven......eight.....nine....

+Then Shinji sweep kicks Godzilla and he crashes to the ground.+

Gengor: Ten! The winner is Shinji!!

+Godzilla pounds the ground with a mighty fist.+

Godzilla: Damn it! Damn it all to hell!

+Godzilla stands up again, and turns to Shinji+

Godzilla: Mark my words human, this is far from over! I guarantee that. Anguris! Rodan! We're leaving!

+Godzilla shoots one last venomous look at Shinji before walking down the mountains slope, Anguris and Rodan in tow. Back in the hulk Nick has a scowl on his face as he writes a cheek for Johnny.+

Johnny: What a fight! Well that' all....

+Johnny is interrupted by an ork tapping him on the shoulder.+

Johnny: What is it?

Ork: Ummmmm... it's about the World Martial Arts Tourney. The regular broad casters had an accident right before the match between Gogetza and Vegeta. And Gogetza said that we'd broadcast it instead.

Nick: All right! An extra match, just the thing to make out first PPV spectacular!

Johnny: All right then I guess we have an extra fight then. Austin you wouldn't happen to have anything on the two fighters would you?

Austin: Ummmm......+The ork hands Austin some cards.+ Right.

Job: Owner of the Arena, former owner of the Blood Ax Mercenary Army.
Trademark Technique: Soul fire

Name: Vegeta
Job: Prince of former saiyan empire, general hard ass
Trademark Technique: Big Bang Attack

And that's the bottom line because stone cold said so!

Nick: We now take you live to the World Martial Arts Tourney, where are two fighters are ready to rumble.

+The camera view switches to the WMAT. Gogetza and Vegeta are glaring at each other.+

Johnny: Ladies and gentlemen this is the Arena! In the blue corner the saiyan prince... Vegeta!(wild cheers) And his opponent our very own...Gogetza!!(slightly less enthusiastic cheers)

Ghul Dhan: It's about time I got to do something. Now you two we go by the WMAT rules. 1st no weapons so Gogetza ditch the sword.

+Gogetza sighs and throws his sword to Garshrink.+

Ghul Dhan: 2nd no killing you're opponents KO's only, and 3rd the first one who's feet touch the ground looses. Now Let's get it on!(bell rings)

+Gogetza and Vegeta both power up, and then leap at each other. Vegeta throws a volley of punches, but Gogetza dodges all of them.+

Gogetza: Is that all you got?

+Vegeta grimaces and goes Super Saiyan. He swings his knee right into Gogetza's stomach. Then as he grabs his stomach in pain Vegeta slams his fist into his back. Gogetza falls to the floor coughing. Vegeta grabs him and streaks into the air, and with an evil grin throws him at the ground.+

Nick: Gogetza's heading for the ground! This could be over all ready!

+Gogetza manages to stop him self and floats under Vegeta. He throws an energy ball at Vegeta, but it's just two slow and Vegeta dodges it easily.  

Vegeta: Your pathetic! I'm glad I made sure you were thrown off the DBZ series!

Gogetza: A question Vegeta. Why? Why did you convince the network executives to fire me?

Vegeta: You really don't remember? +sighs+ The day I had to go in for my contract negotiations I was also supposed to destroy a planet. I hired you and that mercenary army of yours to do it for me. Then I got the bill.....2.5 billion!!! I couldn't afford that! Then the IRS came and repossessed all most every thing I owned! It was pay back plain and simple!

+Gogetza looks stunned.+

Gogetza: You mean, I was fired, forced to wander the galaxy, made a disgrace to the name saiyan......ALL BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T KEEP YOUR FUCKIN FINANCES IN ORDER!!

+Gogetza goes super saiyan.+


+Gogetza shoots at Vegeta and unleashes a barrage of punches right into Vegeta's stomach. Then he grabs Vegeta's head and slams it into his knee. Vegeta is bleeding from the cut in his forehead. Gogetza then holds his palm flat.+

Gogetza: SOUL FIRE!!

+Vegeta is totally engulfed by white flames.+

Gogetza: Rot in hell traitor!

Johnny: And Gogetza unleashes his signature technique.... soul fire!

+Then from the fire a laugh is heard. It explodes outward, revealing Super Vegeta 4!+

Editors Note: For those of you who have only seen the American episodes of DBZ and have no idea what I'm talking about listen up! After DBZ was finished a sequel series was produced called Dragon Ball GT. In this series both Vegeta and Goku reach a new level of power known as Super 4. This is a power up from the giant ape form and it replaced Super Saiyan as the main combat form.

Vegeta and Goku Super Level 4.

Thank you for your time and now back to the fight between Gogetza and Vegeta.

+Vegeta is hovering above Gogetza a sadistic smile on his face.+

Gogetza: Oh shit....

+Vegeta flies right at Gogetza and slams his knee into his stomach. Gogetza doubles over in pain and then Vegeta punches him in the face.+

Vegeta: Not so tough now are you?

+Vegeta grabs Gogetza turns him upside down and slams him over his knee. He grabs Gogetza's tail and throws him right at the ground.+

Vegeta: Big Bang Attack!!!

+The bolt of energy slams into Gogetza's back. He crashes to the pavement of the stadium and picks him self back up. Vegeta appears behind him and punches and kicks Gogetza towards the edge of the platform. Then with one last knee to the stomach Gogetza topples off the platform and falls to the ground.+

Ghul Dhan: And the winner is Vegeta!!

+Vegeta smiles and jumps into the air. He dives his feet right into Gogetza's stomach. Gogetza coughs up a river of blood before passing out.+

Johnny: Oh my God!!! Gogetza's down! Get him out of there!

+A bunch of orks run over to Gogetza and carry him out of the stadium. Garshrink shoots a nasty look at Vegeta before leaving.+

Nick: Damn! Vegeta KO'd our owner!

Johnny: Don't worry, Washu will be able to patch him up just fine. Well we are all out of time for this PPV! For the Arena....

Nick: I'm Nick Diamond.....

Johnny: I'm Johnny Gomez.....

Austin: And I'm Stone Cold Steve Austin......

Johnny: Saying Good fight....good night!

End Transmission.....

A few hours later at monster island.....

+Godzilla walks inland with Anguris and Rodan behind him. It's late and the sun is disappearing behind the horizon.+

Godzilla: Night guys I'll see you in the morning.

+Anguris and Rodan head of to their homes as Godzilla approaches a smoking volcano. He stops out side the volcano and looks at the horizon.+

Godzilla: Damn that human! He made a fool out of me!

+The worst part was now that he had been beaten by a human other kaiju would be trying take his place as king of the monsters.+

Godzilla: I'll deal with them first......and then that human will know the true terror of a kaiju!

+Godzilla turned and dissapered into the volcano.+

The Arena medical ward.....

+Gogetza sat on his bed, Washu was just finishing tying a bandage around his right arm.+

Washu: Well, well it looks like you got you're ass handed to you Gogetza!

Gogetza: Don't start with me Washu. So when will I be able to return to work?

Washu: You're going to be out of things for a while. Garshrink will be incharge I take it?

Gogetza: Yeah.

Washu: Well Gogetza you should get some rest. Goodnight.

Gogetza: Goodnight Washu.

+Washu leaves and turns off the light. Gogetza sits on his bed as if waiting for some one. Then a figure emerges from the shadows... it's Deathmaster Snitch. Gogetza pulls an envelope from his bandages and hands it to Snitch.+

Gogetza: Here are your instructions, regarding Vegeta. If you succeed you'll be greatly rewarded. If you fail I promise you a very slow and painful death....

Snitch: I won't fail you boss.

+Snitch disappears into the darkness once again. Gogetza smiles evily.+

Gogetza: Vegeta will learn the hard way not to mess with me!

The end..