The Arena: Prolouge.... Begginings
(Narrator voice over) "In the grim darkness of the future their is only war. To be a man in this age is to live in the most bloody regime imaginable. Battles constantly tear across space, peace is a lie. But in a back water corner of the galaxy a new form of violence is about to unfold......"

A camera focuses on a hulk floating in space. The camera flies in closer, across the surface of the hull thousands of Orks are welding armor plates to the hull. The view swoops in a crack in the armor and zooms down a corridor, focusing on a Saya-jin.

    Gogetza paced down the hall of the giant space hulk his tail twitching.

"Damn it! You think it wouldn't be to hard, to fix this derelict piece of junk!"

But amazingly despite the help of Washu and Washu-chan they had fallen behind schedule. The grand opening of the Arena was 24 hrs away, and most of the systems were still down. Gogetza sighed as he pushed open a door marked "Staff". He took a seat at the head of the table, sitting in the other seats we're the rest of the staff. They were Washu, Washu-chan, Mekboy Skargob Zagbad, Grand Warlord Garshrink Grimjaw, and his foster father Athsgood Bloodfist. "Status report!" he growled. Garshrink Grimjaw stood up.

"Boss, da weapons systems are up and runnin. ...But we avent been able to clean out the lower levels of all those aliens and such."

Gogetza slammed his fist down on the table.

"You should have had that done a week ago! ....Ok I want all corridors leading to the rest of the hulk sealed off."

Garshrink nodded. Next Skargob stood up.

"The life support systems are up and runnin, ...let's see engines are working, warp drive is working but we need to finish the armor plating. That should be done in two hours."

Gogetza nodded then he turned to Washu and Washu-chan .

"Well what do you two have to say?"  

Washu spoke up first.

"The Interdimensional transportation system ran into a few snags."

Gogetza cocked an eyebrow.

"What kind of snags?"

"The power core overloaded the thing is entirely shot. I estimate 23 hrs to fix."  

That would be cutting  things rather close.

"Get to work then Washu!"

Washu hurried off. Washu-chan was next.

"The docking bays are complete. And the progress on the actual ring, and seating areas are about to begin."

"Good. Bloodfist! What about our MC's?"

Athsgood grinned.

"I was just about to go get them son! I'm going to take one of the ships that does have Interdimensional transporting ability."

"Well go get them then."

As Athsgood left a new figure entered.

"What do you want Brian Guy?"

"I wanted to discuss with you our budget."

The room groaned at this comment. Brain Guy ignored them and kept talking.

"We've spent over 10.4 billion  rebuilding this place! We've got to at least match that in profit tonight!"

"Don't worry, we will. And if by some fluke of nature we don't Garshrink and I will take the lads and go steal us some!"

A Garshrink grinned at this idea, his troops hadn't been on a good destructive raid in a long time. Brain Guy snorted at this comment.

"Do you want to bring the entire Imperium down on our necks?"

"I was just kidding whitey! Any way we've got work to do! I want this place operational in 23 hrs! Dismissed!

20 hrs to go....

Gogetza hefted the giant girder over his shoulder and took off towards the ceiling. Washu waved her hand.

"Gogetza! Bring that thing over here!"

He floated over to Washu and laid the girder in between two others. Washu checked to make sure it was level and gave a thumbs up sign. Gogetza fired an energy ray from his hand fusing one side on the giant beam into place. He looked behind him and saw that some ork Mekboyz were doing the something on the other side. Washu smiled.

"We might actually get this thing up in time!"

Gogetza looked down at the ring. Orks were busy welding and hammering the thing together. The seats were lying against the wall waiting for some one to put them in. It looked like they would get this place done yet.

10 hrs to go....

Gogetza was pleased, they had finished the ring, seating areas, armor plating, and he had just heard that the MC's had arrived. He walked down the corridor to the shuttle bay. Athsgood grinned as he lead to rather bewildered looking announcers towards Gogetza.

"Hey Gogetza! I've got them!"

He lead the pair up to Gogetza.

"Now Toro, and Guy this is Gogetza. He's incharge around here so do what he says. Now if you'll excuse me I've got work to do."

Toro and Guy looked stunned, Gogetza raised an eyebrow.

"Did Athsgood tell you two why you are here?"

Toro spoke up.

"Yeah but, this is amazing! You got a ship the size of Delaware here! I mean isn't that a little extreme?"

"Not the way we see it!"

Guy then noticed Gogetza's tail.

"You're a Saya-jin?"

"100% Pure."

"Then why weren't you in DBZ?"

Gogetza's hands shot out and grabbed Guy by the collar.

"If I didn't need you for tonight I'd kill you for asking that!"

He drops Guy on the floor and stomps off. Garshrink comes walking over a big grin on his face.

"You're lucky e didn't kill ya!"

Toro picks Guy up. He dusts off his co host and turns to the Ork.

"What's his problem?"

Garshrink looks around to make sure Gogetza is out of ear shot.

"It all appened back 5 years ago, he was promised a role on the DBZ series. Den Mr. Toriyama called him to his office. He said to him that the network executives decided that their was too many Saiya-jins runnin around any way. He was downsized and fired. And that wasn't the worst part, when Gogetza brought up his contract the execs called out deir dogs. Goku, Vegeta, Radits, and Nappa came in and dragged him out of their by is tail."

"Sounds embarrassing." commented Guy.

"God is wuz! And the thing is only Goku apologized about thrown im out, after all he had a kid to support so he couldn't afford to get fired. Vegeta on the other hand still won't let him live it down, keeps rubin it in his face. And the rumor is that Vegeta was the one that convinced the network executives to fire him. Well any way get you selfs ready we go on the air in 10 hrs."

1 hr to go....

Washu-chan sighed and closed up the side of the interdimentional transporter. Finally she was finished and it was no small task, for the past 23 hrs she and about 20 Ork mekboyz had been working. She leaned back and yawned, hopefully she'd never have to see this place again. Then the intercom blared to life.

"Washu-chan report to the main office please."

"What does that Saiyan want now?"

Washu-chan walked over to the turbo lift and took off for the main office. The lift slowed to a stop and she walked out. Gogetza was already was waiting for her.

"A Washu-chan I want to talk to you about another job...."

"ABSOLUTELY NOT! I've got work to do back in my own lab!"

"Just hear me out! We need a good doctor and none of the Ork Painboyz are qualified."

"What da ya mean! They work for the Orks don't they?"

"Listen I've had boys of mine go in their to get teeth pulled and they came out with mechanical legs! I can't entrust the health of the combatants with lunatics like that in charge!"

Washu-chan sighed.

"All right, but I get my own area to work in here."

"Done deal!"

Gogetza sighed. One more crisis avoided. Gogetza and Washu-chan got back on the turbo lift and shot back to the main area. Gogetza stepped off the lift and into the main area. The transporters were running full steam bringing in the combatants for the nights brutality and the paying customers. He smiled things were ready. And in one hour things were going to heat up!

Continued in The Arena Episode 1