The Arena Episoide 5: Jinni vs Thanqual and Godzilla vs Tri Star Godzilla
    Deathmaster Snitch sneaked towards Vegeta's home conclealed by his cloak of invisiblity. He carried with him a seryenge full of a powerful halucagenic drug. If every thing went according to Gogetza's plans  Vegeta would be in a hospital by the end of the day. Snitch ducked further into the shadows as a druk stumbled by. He scrabled up the side of a building to get his berings. He looked around and then spotted it about 100ft off. He leaped from roof top to roof top until he reached the front door. Snitch reached into his claok and pulled out a small vile of acid. He squirted it into the lock and then pushed the door open quietly.
"His room should be at the end of the hall." Snitch thought. He took off at a light trot, but then from a door to his right a light snaped on. Snitch presed himslef against the wall as a figure emerged from the room. It was just the kid Trunks, he was half asleep as he stumbled across the hall. He dissapeared into another room and Snitch took off again. He reached Vegeta's and Bulma's room and sliped inside. Bulma was curled up next to Vegeta who was out cold. He took a step towards the bed but tripped on something and fell right into Bulma. She woke with a start.

"What the hell?" she shouted.

Snich quickly reached into his claok again and whipped out a ball of cotten. He grabbed Bulma and pressed the cotten to her face. She struggled for a second then fell back to sleep. Snitch threw a glance over at Vegeta but he was still sleeping. Snitch looked down to see what he tripped on, then he picked it up to get a better look at it. It was a bra. He looked over at Bulma to see that see was totally nude. Snitch silently cursed his luck. Of all the nights he chose to do this he choose one when thease two where screwing each other. He then drew the drug from his cloak. Kerasine, a drug that made the subject so suseptable to mind control the CIA would kill to get their hands on it. He stuck the neddle into the bottle and drew a good dosage. Then he walked over to Vegeta and injected him in the neck. Vegeta woke suddenly, Snitch froze. Vegeta satared right at him and Snitch prayed that the invisiblity cloak worked on Saiyans. Vegeta rubbed his neck and colapsed back into bed. Snitch sighed and pulled out a letter describing exactally what he was to make Vegeta think.

"Vegeta. Vegeta can you hear me?" Snitch wispered. Vegeta grunted wich Snitch guessed was a yes. "It's about Kakkarot. He isn't what you think. He isn't alive! He was killed on Namek back when he fought Freeza!" Vegeta mumbled something wich Snitch thought was "I saw him fight Cell."  "Don't be fooled Kakkarot wasn't really alive! He's a zombie! You must kill him! Kill him and prove to everyone that you really are the strongest fighter in the universe!"

Vegeta grined in his sleep. Snitch smiled and turned to leave but stopped and walked over to Bulma. He pulled a small camera from his robes and took a bunch of nude photos of Bulma. They might be useful in bribing some favors out of Master Roshi later. Then with out a second thought Snitch opened the window and jumped back out into the shadows.

+Begin transmission+

Ladies and gentelmen.... broadcasting around the universe and to almost every parallel dimention....this is....

The leader in violence this side of the Malestrom!

Nick: Welcome to the Arena! We have one hell of an episode for you tonight! It's a doubble play when Jinni fights Grey Seer Thanqual and Godzilla fights his Tri Star counter part.

Johnny: And the reason? We have a new sponcer. Redmoon Industries on of the leaders in the high tech wepondry industry. And here to commemorate the event is the owner of Redmoon Industries.....Redmoon.

+In the center of the Arena is a large kaiju that looks like a red weasel.+

Redmoon: Thank you Nick and Johnny. I am very glad to join Bugman's Brewing Inc. in keeping this fine show on the air. And I hope that this will alow you to bring even more violence to your fans. Now if you'll excuse me I must go.

Nick: Ok. Redmoon of Redmoon Industries ladies and gentelmen!(cheers)
Now lets get down to buissness. Our first match of the night is the battle of manichal villians. Jinni and Thanqual, two increadably sneeky villians who have no reguard for others.

Johnny: And tonight they will fight to see who's the meaner, eviler and most trecherous. Our interview correspondent Lina Inverse has the scoop.

+Camera flashes to Lina with Jinni.+

Lina: Mr. Jinni do you think you can actually beat a wizard like Thanqual?

Jinni: Of corse! That rat will be crushed beneath my feet! Bwwwahhahaahhhhhhhaaahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahhaha!

Lina: Urg......annoying laugh...... make it stop. (Lina leaves)

+Camera flashes to Lina with Thanqual.+

Lina: Now Thanqual Jinni said he's crush you beneath his feet. What do you have to say to that?

Thanqual: Foolish man thing! I will kill him and offer his soul up to The Horned Rat! He will wirth in agony for all eternity!

Lina: Well that's all I could expect. Back to you guys.

Nick: We are ready to rumble! Austin the vitals....


Name: Grey Seer Thanqual
Works For: Skaven Under Empire
Has Plans Foiled by: Felix Jager and Gotrex Gunderson, a pair of warriors that spend there free time killing Chaos worshipers.

Name: Katsuko Jinni
Works For: Bugrom Empire
Has Plans Foiled by: Maoko Misuhara, a high school student that spends his free time trying to get back to Japan.

And thoose are the fighter facts beacuse Stone Cold said so!

Nick: Now lets go ring side were the action is ready to get under way.

Johnny: Ladies and gentlemen this is The Arena! In the blue corner accompanied by Ifurtia... Katsuko Jinni!(silence) And his opponent in the red corner accompanied by Bone Ripper the mutant Rat Ogre... Grey Seer Thanqual!(silence)

Johnny: It seems that no one really likes thease people.

Nick: Well I'm not surprised. Here comes Ghul Dhan to start things off.

Ghul Dhan: Ok you two! I want a nasty no holds barred fight to the death. Now LET'S GET IT ON!(bell rings)

Jinni: Forward my minions!

+Thousands of Bugrom pour from the halls on Jinni's side.+

Thanqual: Die! Die! Crush them great hordes of the Horned Rat!

+Thousands of Skaven Clanrats, Stormvermin, and Pluage Monks pour in from Thanquals side. The two armies meet and begin to slug it out.+

Johnny: What the hell? This isn't what we agreed! Security!

+At Johnny's call thousands of Orks, Stone Trolls, and Ogres smash into both armies throwing them into confusion. Garshrink climbs into the ring and walks over to Jinni and Thanqual.+

Garshrink: What da hell were you finking! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FIGHTIN NOT YOUR ARMIES!!

Jinni: Do you think I'd lower my self to that level!

Garshrink: You will or i'll kill ya myself! Now get it on!

+While Thanqual and Jinni still hold back, Ifruta and Bone Ripper throw them selves at each other. Ifuta brings her staff down on Bone Ripper's head but the Rat Ogre just blinks and roars at her.  While Jinni is watching with interest Thanqual sneaks up behind him and get's him in a headlock.+

Jinni: Get off of me you rodent!

Johnny: And Thanqual's got Jinni by the neck!

Nick: You must admit Johnny that Jinni's a bit out of his league. Thanqual is a great wizard and Jinni's just a wimp from a high school!

Johnny: You my have a point, but don't count out Jinni just yet. He has proven to be rather resourseful in the past.

+Back in the ring Jinni has managed to break free of Thanqual's hold but Thanqual has begun to fire warp lightning at him. Infruta presses the attack against Bone Ripper fireing beams from the Master Key. Bone Ripper keeps bellowing at Ifurta totally ignoreing the wounds she is inflicting on him. Outside the ring security has routed the Bugrom and Skaven armies.+

Austin: I can't beleve that Bone Ripper isn't dead! Ifurta is blowing the crap out of him!  

+In the ring Bone Ripper has finally had enough of Ifurta. He leaps at Ifurta and grabs her arms, then he raises his 3rd arm. He bellows one last time and then punches Ifurta's head off. Meanwhile Thanqual is chaseing Jinni around the ring.+

Thanqual: Get him Bone Ripper!

+Bone Ripper blinks roars and starts chaseing Jinni as well. Jinni runs over to a corner as Bone Ripper bears down on him. Then at the last second Bone Ripper trips over Jinni and knocks him self out on the turnbuckle. Thanqual's jaw is hanging open in amazement.+

Jinni: Bwaaahaaahhhhahaahahhahahahahahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa! You are such a fool buying a body guard as stupid as him!

Nick: Apparently Jinni forgot about TV Ifurta.

Johnny: Obviously.

Thanqual: You dare to make a fool of me! Die! Die! Man thing!

Austin: And it looks like Thanqual's finally had enough.

+Thanqual's hand is suronded by dark energy. He points it at Jinni and fires. Jinni is stripped to the bones by the dark energy. As Jinni's bones fall to the mat the crowd explodes into cheers. Thanqual is stunned at first but then bows to the crowd again and again.+

Thanqual: Thank you! Thank you all!

Crowd: (chanting) Thanqual! Thanqual! Thanqual!

+Thanqual leaves smiling while the goblins put Bone Ripper on a streacher and carry him away.+

Johnny: Weird reaction from the crowd.

Nick: Well I guess Thanqual's the less annoying of the two.

Johnny: We'll be right back with Godzilla vs Tri Star Godzilla right after thease messages.

+Commercial Sign+

In the never ending race to make new and deadly wepons......

One innovation can change history.....

Put your trust in a company that isn't afriad to take chances.....

Redmoon Industies the official wepons provider of the Arena


Coming Soon.....

A J-Project Production.....

DBZ The Alternate Story
The way things should of been....

+Commercial Sign+

Nick: And were back! Our next fight is one that kaiju fans have been waiting for ever since Tri Stars folly.

Johnny: With the release of there "Godzilla" flim fans of Toho's Godzilla called for it's destrction. But there's another reason this fight is happening. If you remember last months PPV Godzilla lost to Shinji. Tri Stars Godzilla took that loos as an oportunity. He want's Toho G's title of King of the Monsters.

Austin: These two titans are ready to go to war for the most coveted title known to kaiju and i'll tell you something it ain't going to be pretty!

Nick: Austin line up the vitals


Name: Godzilla (Toho)
Powers: Atomic Ray, Nuclear Pulse, Super Regeneration

Name: Godzilla (Tri Star)
Powers: Running really fast

And that's the bottem line cause Stone Cold said so!

Johnny: Now let's go ring side where things are ready to kick off.

+Camera switches to Ghul Dhan standing next to the ring.+

Ghul Dhan: Ladies and gentelmen this is The Arena! Please direct you attention to the BloodscreenTM. This fight will be takeing place in New York City.
In the blue corner Toho's Godzilla!(wild cheers) And his opponent in the red corner Tri Star's Godzilla!(silence)  

+A hologram of Ghul Dhan appears in between the two Godzilla's.+

Ghul Dhan: Ok you two I want a good, clean, city smashing fight! Now LET'S GET IT ON!(bell rings)

+Tri Stars Godzilla charges Godzilla and let's loose a volly of attacks. Claws, bites, tail whips, and kicks. Godzilla takes them all with out complant. Tri Stars Godzilla stares at Godzilla and stumbles back ward. Godzilla smiles and his Tri Star counter part runs.+

Nick: Tri Star Godzilla runs! Undoubtedly shaken by Godzilla's resistance.

+TS Godzilla tears through New Yorks streets, not even stoping to look behind him. He stops by Madison Square Gardens to rest.+

Godzilla(Toho): Fitting place for you to die....

+TS Godzilla looks around but he can't see Godzilla. Then a building crashes to the ground and Godzilla is standing in it's rubble. TS G starts to run again but Toho's Godzilla grabs him by the tail.+

Godzilla(Toho): Time to die!

+Godzilla picks up his TS Godzilla and slams him to the ground. TS G tries to run again but Godzilla fires his atomic ray into another building bringing down on TS G. Godzilla walks slowly over to TS G and picks him up. Godzilla pries open TS G's mouth and fires his atomic ray right down TS G's throat.+

Johnny: OH MY GOD!!! Godzilla's just turned his opponents insides to charcol!

+Godzilla casually tosses the body asside as the holo Mills Lane appears next to him.+

Mills: The winner and still King of the Monsters Toho's Godzilla!

Godzilla: I want to say something! Shinji Ikari! I know your out there! LISTEN UP! I haven't forgotten your cheep victory over me last time and I want revenge! I will see you again Ikari and this time your ass will be mine! I'll be waiting for you!

+Godzilla walks off, muttering.+

Nick: Godzilla has thrown down the guantlent! This should be interesting.

Johnny: Well we're all out of time.....

+Johnny is interuptedby shouts from one of the corriders, a second later Goku and Vegeta come rocketing out fighting. Vegeta looks like he has already been injured.+

Vegeta: Die you zombie!

Goku: Vegeta! Your nuts! I'm alive!

Vegeta: You lie!

+Goku looks like he's finally had enough with Vegeta. He powers up and beats the living day lights out of him. As Vegeta is lying on the floor the Bloodscreen flickers to life. Gogetza is on it smileing.+

Gogetza: Hello Vegeta. How are you feeling? Not that good by the looks of it.

Vegeta: Gogetza?

Gogetza: Well, well my friend it looks like the Kerasine did it's job. You got the crap beat out of you!

Vegeta: You knew about this!

Gogetza: Of course! I sent Snitch to inject you and plant that phony message about Goku being a zombie. And you bought it hook, line and sinker!  Oh and Goku thanks for the help.

Goku: No problem.
Gogetza: You've been made a fool of on interdimentional television Vegeta. Who's laughing now? Who's the fool now?

+Vegeta raises a hand and blows up the TV.+

Garshrink: Oi! Vegeta!

+Vegeta turns around, just in time to be punched out by the Ork Warlord.+

Nick: Wow. Gogetza was briliant! That was a great plan!

Johnny: Well that's why he's in charge. Well were all out of time for the Arena...

Nick: I'm Nick Diamond....

Johnny: I'm Johnny Gomez....

Austin: And I'm Stone Cold Steve Austin.....

Johnny: Saying Good Fight! Good Night!

+End Transmission+