Slayers Next
    The wild antics of Lina and her group are back and better than before. Once again our "heroes" have to save the world as they cause lots of chaos along the way.  The basic plot ideas from the first series are back, a total disregard for innocents, love of treasure, etc. But this time Lina and the others are the target of style. Hellmaster Pibizzo, and Demon Dragon King Gavv both want to kill Lina for their own personal reasons. Adding to the confusion is a new member of the group, Xellos. He is always one step behind the slayers, helping or hurting them as he sees fit. As it is revealed towards the series end Xellos is actualy a "monster" who is traviling with Lina cause it's convienient. But in the end Gavv abd Phibrizzo are killed while Xellos get's away for the sequal.
    Slayers Next takes the characters we were treated to in the first series and gives them a whole new excuse to destroy. The animation is a much better quality than the first series. But once again humor makes this show a must see. The introduction of Xellos was a master stroke. He proves that even though your evil, you can still be amusing!  Though humor is a large part of Slayers Next some of the episodes are definatly more serious in tone. That attitude would carry over into the final Slayers series Slayers Try.

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