Slayers Try
   Well Lina and the other rag tag team of "heroes" are back for one more round of laughs.  Again they have to save the world while they cause their own chaos.  The plot is almost the same as the two other series.  And I think that this is the best Slayers series ever.  With the introduction of new characters.  Such as Filia this big green dude whom this fox just calls boss and Jillas the fox just to name a few.  Personally I think adding Jillas was a great idea and another thing to add to the mix is just how scared Lina is of her big "sister".  And of course Xellos is back as well.
   The humor of Slayers mixed with the seriousness of Slayers Next and you get Slayers Try.  As Ethan said in his review of Slayers Next that the animation is better than the first series it is true here as well.  As Xellos shown us in Slayers Next even if you're evil you can still be funny true with Jillas and of course you guessed it Xellos.  If you liked Slayers and Slayers Next you will like Slayers Try as well trust me.

5 of 5